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Love Remains (Matchmakers)

Love Remains - Kaye Dacus 14 years have passed since Zarah has seen Bobby Patterson - since Bobby broke her heart. Or so she thought! After overcoming the initial shock of seeing Bobby show up at a singles mixer for her/now their church she has to come to terms with her feelings about her first love.

The story opens with a group of friends discussing their grandchildren and how these said grandchildren are not co-operating on the marriage & great grandchildren front. They come up with a plan to change that situation - and become "The Matchmakers".

Little do Zarah and Bobby know - they are the first victims of their grandparents matchmaking skills!

Bobby has moved back to his hometown after being away for many years with his military career. He has taken a job with the TCIU investigating fraud. One of his first assignments is the Historical Preservation Society that Zarah works for!

I love the chemistry between Bobby and Zarah. They are so deeply in love with one another - but won't or can't admit to it. They have many obstacles to overcome - including Zarah's father.

This story has a bit of everything - love, mystery, intrigue and laughter. I love how Kaye Dacus incorporates all these into one fabulous story! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the Matchmakers Series!

I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves Contemporary with a hint of mystery/suspense and Inspirational romance!