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The Crepe Makers' Bond

The Crepe Makers' Bond - Julie Crabtree This wasn't quite what I expected. When I initially picked up this book I didn't realize it was a YA novel.

While the story was cute, and well written. It didn't grab me the way I had hoped it would. the relationship between Ariel and her friends was great - they have been friends for years and like any pre-teen spend every waking moment with or talking to.

Ariel loves to cook, and spends a great deal of time working out her personal problems while she creates something unique. One of the great things I did like about this book was the recipes! They were amazing! I would probably purchase this book for that reason alone. Don't get me wrong - it was a cute story, but the recipes did more for me.

A couple of times during the story I did find Ariel a little whiny. Her friend Mattie comes to live with them (at Ariel's insistence) so she could finish out the school year with her and Nicki. This more or less backfired on Ariel, which caused a lot of conflict at home.

This a good YA novel, and though I enjoyed certain aspects of it, I probably wouldn't read it again. Wasn't really my cup of tea.