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The Sinner

The Sinner  - Margaret Mallory Having been hurt by her first husband, Glynis refuses to remarry. She hides her beauty with hideous clothes and pretends to be ugly to turn suitors away from her father's home. Unfortunately for her Alex sees right through the diguise!

Known throughout Scotland for his skills, Alex has women falling at his feet. He is surprised by Glynis and how she hides herself from men. When his chieftain requests he marry for the sake of his family and clan, he reluctantly agrees.

Alex's story takes up where we left off in the Guardian. We do have some overlap in the two stories, but they tie in well to one another. I actually enjoyed this story more then Ian and Sileas story. Glynis was a great character, she had some spunk! Considered to be defiant, her father is at wits end what to do with her. She refuses to be meek like her sisters, and left her first husband after their year and a day was up.

I loved the chemistry between Alex and Glynis, they have some steamy scenes! Another thing I really liked about Margaret's work was the history. How she tied in historical events, that's probably my favorite thing when it comes to historicals - and especially when it comes to Scottish history!

This is a great book for anyone who loved the first book "The Guardian" will enjoy this book, as well anyone who loves Scottish based historicals will love this!