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Count Down to Love

Count Down to Love - Julie N. Ford Poor Kelly is left waiting for her groom on her wedding day. He's buggered off with all their money leaving her with an apartment eviction notice, unpaid bills and an extravagant wedding to pay for! Little does she know something big is right around the corner!

Her cousin talks her into helping her out on a reality TV show called "Count Down to Love" - a Bachelor based show that she produces. One of her 'models' has backed out last minute and is scrambling to find a replacement. Kelly agrees - and finds herself thrust into a world she knows little about.

Dillon takes one look at Kelly and sees something in her that no one else does. He breaks all sorts of rules to keep Kelly on the show. Kelly is a bit oblivious to exactly how Dillon feels about her - which he shows in funny ways!! I won't spoil the fun by telling you everything that Dillon does - but it's good!

I really enjoyed this story - it was a quick easy read with a fast paced and funny premise. The characters was well written and engaging. Julie Ford did an excellent job creating the relationship between Kelly and Dillon - and the rotten ex fiance - who manages to show up just at the wrong/right time!!

This was a great read and I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good clean contemporary romance with a christian undercurrent.