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Something Old

Something Old - Dianne  Christner This was my first Mennonite Christian Romance - I've always been intrigued by them, but hadn't picked one up until this one. I thoroughly enjoyed this story - getting a more in depth look into a society I normally would know very little about.

Katy cleans houses for several families outside of her community. She is surrounded by temptation - like TV's, pop music, dancing, romance novels.. all the things she taught to avoid. Brought up in a very traditional household she hold true to her values and tries to stay in the right path.

With her two best friends by her side; they look to become more independent by renting a house from another Mennonite couple. In the process of this project - Jake Byler (her first love) returns to the community and is hired to complete the renovations for their little house. Cousin to one of her BFF's Jake tries to overcome Katy's distrust of his past actions and get her to see beyond what was.

Katy is being courted by David - a friend of the family. She's unsure of what she really wants and causes a bit of a love triangle between her, David and Jake. Sometimes looking at the world in black and white can bit you in the butt - and this is exactly what happens to Katy. She needed to overcome her own impressions and take a fresh look on life.

This was a cute story - I had some issues with Katy at the start of the story. She does redeem herself and become a great character. Definitely not a story for everyone, but those who do enjoy Christian Romance or Mennonite based romances will enjoy this book. Dianne Christner is a new author for me - and I will be checking out more of her books.