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Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

It's a Long Journey to the Brass Ring (and That Ain't No Bologna) - Ken Rich Peter Nimble is on an epic adventure - from the time he was found floating in the harbour he's been learning, listening and feeling his way through life. Blinded by a pair of crows, he is left to fend for himself until taken under the care of a gentleman who taught him to pick locks and become was of the best thieves in town.

One day while out on his jaunts through the village he meets the most unusual man, and steals a box containing 6 eggs - little does he know these are meant for him and him alone!

This adventure takes Peter to far off lands and places he didn't know existed. He meets funny, witty characters who help him along on his journey. Sir Tode - his closest companion and best friend is along for the ride. They shipwreck on a desert of all places - filled with thieves! This is just the start of a journey that changes Peter's life forever!

I really enjoyed this story - it reminded me of the Lemony Snickett books and the stories written by Ronald Dahl. This was a bit more violent then I would have expected based on the blurb and the cover art - definitely made me think twice about judging a cover! The artwork through the book was amazing and suited the whole theme of the book.

The author did a fantastic job of weaving all the various stories of each character together - from the evil king, the lost princess, the mysterious desert with the thieves, the crows, the missing children.. all of it was woven together into a story that I couldn't put down!

Pick it up, you'll enjoy it!