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A Life Restored: Prescott Pioneers 3

A Life Restored: Prescott Pioneers 3 - Karen Baney Yet again, Karen Baney has blown me away with her talent. Book 3 in the Prescott series is the story of Thomas Anderson and Caroline Larson. Both characters we've met in prior books - Thomas the brother in law to Hannah and Caroline the sister of Adam Larson.

Caroline has gotten herself into a bit of trouble - she decides that she needs to go West to visit her brother Adam. She just needs to convince her father that this is a good idea. After finding a chaperone, she makes her way to the Arizona Territory.

More trouble seems to find Caroline! A stagecoach robbery, a wild ride across the country - she finally arrives in the town of Prescott. Thankfully Thomas came along to rescue her! She arrives to find Adam is engaged to her best friend Julia!

I loved how Karen continued with the characters from the other two books in the series. How their lives have been and what things have happened. We see Hannah and Will, still happy, in love and expanding their family. Adam and Julia falling in love and getting married. It's always great to see what happens after their own HEA's.

Karen's characters are so well written, they have so much depth. They pull you in right from the beginning of the story until the last page. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for Book 4! As with the last two books, they will have a permanent home in my virtual library and anything new will be on my auto-buy list!

Make sure to keep an eye out for Karen's new contemporary romance coming out in believe in December - called Nickles.