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Entice Me (A Caldwell Sisters Book)

Entice Me - Lucianne Rivers Last but definitely not least we have Allison. The baby of the family. While Jane and Margo are off in Guatemala and the Virgin Islands she stays home to look after the ranch. The private detective and former SEAL informs her that one more lead has come up for their father. This time it's in Afghanistan..

Margo and Jane have no idea she's gone off with Robert to find their father until they've returned home. They are frantic to find out if she's alright. Thankfully she has someone with her who has been in this area and hopefully can lead her to the man who could be the missing Zach Caldwell.

Allison and Robert are a great couple. They are afraid to admit how they feel about one another and keep each other at arms length. With all the dangers that they have to face to find Zach they have to learn to trust one another and that relationship blossoms into something extremely intense.

Lucianne's stories of the Caldwell sisters completely blew me away. I was so impressed with how much detail and how the relationships went from meet, hot hot hot sex, to relationship and each sister's happily ever after. The characters were so well developed in such a short period of time.

This is one sexy series and I highly recommend it!