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Her Christmas Pleasure

Her Christmas Pleasure - Karen  Erickson Damien has always been in love with his best friend's wife - Celia. Having never felt worthy enough for Celia he decides it's time to leave England and hope that he can escape the feelings and move on with his life. Unfortunately for Damien - this isn't meant to be!

With one kiss Celia and Damien shocked by the chemistry between them. Surrounded by family and friends they try and keep their growing passion under control. With a young son to think about Celia is torn - is she betraying her husband's memory by falling for Damien? What will her son think of the situation?

I'm always so surprised at how much information is packed into so few pages. Karen Erickson did a fabulous job pulling me into the story and keeping me hooked until the last page. I loved reading about Damien and Celia's growing love and how they learned to trust and find one another.

This was my first by this author, and I love how she tells a story. I will be definitely picking up more by Karen and adding them to my ever growing library!