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Jaded - Kenya Carlton Don't let the cover on this book fool you! This story is jam packed with mystery, romance and a hint of paranormal. Mia is a world renowned journalist that is sent to the small town of Vine to do a story a local politician, his family and their missing intern. With her cousin Tracy in tow they rent a beautiful old home that is supposed to be haunted.

When she first arrives in town, she had no idea that Gabe Montgomery, a photographer from her past; lives just on the outskirts of town. These two have some fantastic chemistry and some great banter throughout the story. Gabe calls Mia "Barbie" to get her riled up! I loved these two characters!

Throughout the story was have flash backs to the late 1940's - where we meet Jade and Jackson. These two are interwoven into the story. Jade's story leads Mia and Gabe on a merry chase, which could end in them losing their lives if they aren't careful!

I really enjoyed this story, it had so many elements that I love in a good book - romance, mystery, ghosts and a touch of danger! This was my first read by Kenya Carlton, and I will definitely be checking out more by her. Anyone who loves Romantic Suspense with a touch of Paranormal will enjoy this story.