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Sew Iconic

Sew Iconic - Liz Gregory I’m always a fan of a great pattern book, and this didn’t disappoint. As I flipped through the pages I instantly recognized so many iconic (as the title states) outfits. A great many of them were added to my list of future projects. This book boasts patterns for Marilyn’s well known white dress, the polka dot dress from Pretty Woman, Audrey’s classic black dress, and Baby’s fantastic dress from Dirty Dancing.

With great photos, and easy to read instructions this book is a great addition to anyone’s bookcase. One of the things I loved about this book is how easy to read everything was. It’s something that extremely important when it comes to patterns! I’m more inclined to make something that’s easy to follow!

Will I recommend this book? For anyone who sews, this is definitely something you should check out. Especially if you love some of the dresses I mentioned earlier! Will I read more by this author? Yes, especially if it’s as easy to follow as this book was!