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Where the Heart Lies

Where The Heart Lies - Michelle Garren Flye The move to small down life wasn’t quite how Alicia had planned it. She and her husband were going to take over his father’s bookstore and raise their family in his hometown. With him gone, can she do this on her own?

With two small children, Alicia sets out to unpack, get the bookstore in order and figure out life without her husband. When a chance encounter with Liam – a childhood friend of her husband Ty, steps into her life and things are never the same.

As all small towns seems to go, everyone knows everything about everyone. And everyone has an opinion on what someone else is doing – and can’t keep those thoughts to themselves! One of the things I really loved about this book was the small town atmosphere.

Both Alicia and Liam have a lot of obstacles put their paths. Liam is determined to prove he isn’t the bad boy who ruined Ty’s life, but a smart talented professor who wants nothing but forgiveness and a chance. Can he get Alicia to see past the gossip and rumors to see the truth?

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it was a wonderful story of two people who have lost someone special and their relationship grows from it. I loved Alicia and Liam and how they work through all the stuff thrown between them. Would I read more by this author? Yes! Michelle has a way with words, she draws you into the small town life of these characters and keeps you hooked until the last page.