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Undercover Professor

Undercover Professor - December Gephart Lucy has rules, these rules are concrete and aren’t meant to be broken. That is until she meets Andy and all that changes! A chance meeting in the laundry room sends these two onto a completely different path then what was planned.

Andy isn’t who he claims to be. He’s undercover researching for his next project – and needs to get inside the heads of women gamers. That chance meeting with Lucy has him questioning whether he should spill the beans.

The rules are keeping Lucy from following her heart – he’s jobless, he lives with his mom and her best friend/cousin is falling for him. He’s completely off limits, but she can’t deny the feeling she gets when she is around him!

This was a fun, quick, and very sexy read. The tension between Andy and Lucy leaps off the page – they are steamy! I got a kick out of the situations Andy gets into and how he tries to dig is way out of the hole he’s managed to stumble into. Can he keep his secret and get the girl he wants?

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it’s a quick read that anyone who loves a steamy contemporary romance will enjoy. The characters are fun, the scenes are steamy and there are a few laughs. Would I read more by this author? Yes, most definitely.