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Bring Me Back

Bring Me Back - Karen Booth Claire is floored when she’s asked to interview rockstar Chris Penman. As a teenager she was obsessed with the rocker and his band (like many girls her age at the time!) and now has the opportunity to meet him and get his side of the story.

Chris has just gone through a rather public nasty divorce from his wife Elise. Everyone wants to know what happened to them and he’s agreed to an interview with Claire. He’s been dodging interviews for years and has finally given in to help promote his new solo album. He hopes that it won’t be a flop!

These two have sparks right from the get go and have a hard time keep it under wraps. Claire is worried about her career and keeping this story from being taken the wrong way. With photos of them together being leaked, rumors are flying and Claire’s publisher isn’t happy.

Life gets complicated for them both, work, music, family and of course reporters. How can they have a normal life under a microscope? Everything seems to be getting between them and stopping them from having a happily ever after.

Would I recommend this book? I loved Claire and Chris. They had such a rocky road and so many obstacles to overcome to get a happy ending. Both are stubborn, neither are willing to budge on a lot of issues which puts walls up. I’m glad that they came tumbling down in the end and had their HEA. Would I read more by this author? I would, I loved her writing style – it kept me hooked from start to finish.