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Quest for the Nail Prints (Lil Shawnee)

Quest for the Nail Prints - Don Furr When I first received this book I was intrigued. The concept was unique and not what I would normally pick up. While I enjoy Christian novels, this wasn't something I'd seen in the genre before. I have to say it took me a bit to get into the story. We start out with Elizabeth, a young doctor who loses a young patient after a tragic accident. From there we meet a jaded professor of religious studies and a pastor who came late to his calling. These three characters set out on a very unexpected journey to find themselves.

Like any book there were portions that I enjoyed and those I did not. The story was extremely well written, the characters were very engaging. I had a hard time with a few aspects of the story, but for the majority of the time I quite liked it. Mr. Furr did an excellent job of creating a unique story from known historical documents and from the Bible scriptures we are familiar with.

While this isn't something I would normally pick up I did enjoy the story. This will NOT be for everyone, there are some aspects of the story that may not be for some. This will be for those who enjoy Christian fiction and historical fiction.

On a side note, the cover was very different - the hole shown on the front actually goes through the entire book.