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The Pyramid of Doom: A Novel

The Pyramid Of Doom  - Andy McDermott Well Nina and Eddie definitely got themselves into trouble this time! These two always get into the most interesting of situations - gun fights, car chases... you name it they've probably done it!

I love this series. I picked up the first book "The Hunt for Atlantis" on a recommendation from my Mom who totally loved it. I was hooked! I've since bought all the books that are available.. waiting patiently for the next one to arrive later this spring.

In this book we get to see a different side of Nina. At the end of the last book, she loses pretty much everything. She's portrayed as a big joke by the Archeology world. She's lost her career, her reputation, her apartment.. and her self esteem. In the past novels, she was always so confident, running in guns blazing - which normally got her into a pile of trouble- but she had spunk. I at first didn't really like the new Nina, but she was almost back to her old self by the end of the story.

And then there is Eddie. I have to say I've always loved this character. My husband picked up on this series recently and Eddie is at the top of his favorite characters list. He's also taken up a few of Eddie's more colorful phrases from the novel! In this novel, Eddie is the 'bread winner' and takes on the role of providing for his wife. This isn't the best situation for these two! In the end they make up - as per usual for them!

I've always been a fan of Clive Cussler and the action packed historical type novels. This definitely fell into that category. Andy McDermott delivers a rip-roaring, guns blazing, vehicles exploding adventure. Andy's novels are on my list of auto-buys and will picking up the newest book as soon as it's out!
If you like this type of book make sure to pick up this series!