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The Devil Wears Plaid

The Devil Wears Plaid - Teresa Medeiros Who honestly doesn't love a good Scottish romance!? Sexy accents, kilts with those sexy legs.. *sigh*

Teresa Medeiros doesn't disappoint!! This was one of those books that I couldn't put down no matter how hard I tried it just kept popping back into my hands!

Emmaline is kidnapped at the alter from her fiancee the Laird of the Hepburn clan. While not really wanting to get married in the first place, being kidnapped by a sexy Scot wasn't on the agenda for her wedding day! Jamie and Emma have quite the chemistry, although they fight it from the beginning! She's not the quiet, scared English woman he expected. She definitely keeps him on his toes!

While Jamie and the Laird of the Hepburn clan feud amongst one another, poor Emmaline and her family are caught up in the cross fire. She help 'captive' by the Sinclair clan, her family is more or less held hostage by the notorious Hepburn's.

This was a fabulous story!! I recommend this to anyone who enjoy Scottish romance or Historical Romance! It's one you won't want to put down!