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Seducing the Duchess

Seducing the Duchess - Ashley March I picked up this novel and couldn't put it down. The story had me completely engrossed and addicted within the first two chapters! I actually stayed up well into the night to finish the book, because I couldn't wait to find out what happened!

The story of these two characters Charlotte and Phillip is based around second chances. These two wounded souls had a very rough start - he seduced and wed Charlie based on a lie. He was using her to get even with her brother who ran off with Phillip's fiancee. We met the two main characters several years after they are estranged and Phillip is set on winning back his wife.

When we first meet Charlotte I didn't actually like her all that much, she was a tease - using men to cause a scandal to force Phillip's hand and grant her a divorce. Phillip actually kidnaps her from a party and wisks her away to his country estate to win her back. As we get learn more about her and Phillip's relationship I warmed up to her. She is witty, funny and loves to get a reaction from Phillip. I was prepared to dislike Phillip at first - the cheating, and the lowdown way he used Charlotte. But I loved how he tried to make things right with Charlotte, and make himself a better man.

This was a debut novel for Ashley, and she did a fabulous job! I will definitely be picking up her next novel when it comes out this fall - "Romancing the Countess".