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Unveiled (Hqn)

Unveiled - Courtney Milan My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book!

This is a story of revenge and love. Ash loves his family above all else, and would do anything for them. Including proving that the Duke of Parford is a bigamist and that his children are illegitimate. He inherits the title. Definitely makes you think of "payback's a bitch!".. He would do ANYTHING for his family.

Margaret is the youngest of the Duke of Parford's children. She is left behind by her brothers to look after their father and spy on Ash. She is told to report anything that could be used against him in the fight for the Parford title.

I loved the relationship between Ash and Margaret. As the daughter of his enemy, Margaret really should hate Ash. He makes a point of making her feel needed and important, unlike her father. Little does her family know, she grows to respects Ash and eventually falls in love with him.

The characters in the story were engaging. I loved the banter between Ash and his brother, as well as between him and Margaret. The story pulled me in right from the first chapter, and I couldn't put it down. I will definitely be picking up more of Ms. Milan's books!!

4 Stars