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Thoroughly Kissed

Thoroughly Kissed - Kristine Grayson Emma is a well known author, professor and historian. An expert in the dark ages, she’s known around the world. Little does anyone know – she’s an expert because she was born in the dark ages! After being kissed by the man she thought she loved, she’s put into a deep sleep for a thousand years. With the help of the man who put her in the deep sleep, she learns to fit into this new century.

I was first introduced to Kristine’s books a little over a year ago. I was gifted her book Wickedly Charming by a fellow blogger and instantly fell in love with her style of writing and the characters. When I saw this book pop up on NetGalley there was no question as to whether I was hitting that request button or not – and I wasn’t disappointed!

Our heroine Emma, wants nothing more then to be normal and fit in. When her ‘talent’ starts to emerge she’s completely thrown into the realm of magic. A place she had hoped she would never have to deal with. Unable to control her powers, she’s put into some situations that had me giggling as I read. Drop dead gorgeous Michael Found, also (her boss) gets caught up in Emma’s world – they have amazing chemistry that leaps off the page – although both of them try and fight it!

Will I recommend this to anyone? Yes! For someone who loves fairy tale retellings this is definitely a book you should pick up. This revamped version of Sleeping Beauty had me hooked from page one until the last sentence. Would I recommend this author? Of course! I know I will be picked up several more books – including Utterly Charming!