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The Secret Desires of a Governess

The Secret Desires of a Governess - Tiffany Clare A mistaken identity, a young woman hiding from her past, mysterious accidents, a misunderstood young boy, a brooding hero, a witty heroine. How could I pass this up?

Abby has taken the job of a governess to escape her family, her past, and what could be her future. She makes her way to the home of the Earl of Brendall - Elliot. Who upon their first meeting mistakes her for a woman of loose morals!

I loved Abby, she was witty and looking to find herself. She takes this job and falls totally in love with the young misunderstood Jacob. Having been through quite a few tutors and governesses he is a spunky child, who just needs someone to help him. She is able to see through all the facade and help him like no one else has been able to.

An then we have Elliot. The tall dark, brooding Earl. Again, another misunderstood character who is rather lost. Although - like most men would never admit to that! He is instantly attracted to Abby and does everything he can to keep out of her way. Abby on the other hand - doesn't take any guff from Elliot and stands her ground.

These two characters had incredible chemistry - it sizzled off the page! I could NOT put this book down.. This gothic style romance had me at the first page right through until the last. Elliot and Abby are put into a few dangerous situations - which they manage to escape mostly unscathed!

I recommend this to anyone who loves gothic styles romances, brooding heroes and witty heroines who need to find themselves!