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A Marriage of Inconvenience

A Marriage of Inconvenience - Susanna Fraser I really enjoyed this story, it's been on my TBR list for ages - and I'm glad I finally picked it up and read it! I was pulled in right from the beginning. We meet Lucy and Sebastian in the midst of his proposal - and Lucy trying to decide whether to say yes - but having to promise to keep it all secret until after her cousin's wedding.

Lucy quickly became my favorite character in this story. She was strong, protective of her brothers, thoughtful, creative and when she wanted to be - quite witty. Quickly she peeked the interest of James - next door neighbour to her cousin Portia's fiancee. On one of her excursions to paint, James stumbles over her on of his daily rides - as well as his sister Anna. From the beginning you can feel the connection these two have. Despite her being secretly engaged.

James and his sister Anna come to meet Lucy once a dinner party for Portia's engagement. Quickly sparks fly between Anna and Lucy's secret fiancee Sebastian. This creates quite the love triangle - Lucy & Sebastian, Sebastian & Anna and finally Lucy & James. All the characters have some ups and downs, and some obstacles to overcome to find their happiness - the story was well written and engaging.

There were a few flagging moments in the story where is dragged, but it quickly picked up pace again to finish quite wonderfully. I've always been a sucker for a Happily Ever After story and this didn't disappoint.