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Naamah's Blessing (Kushiel's Legacy)

Naamah's Blessing - Jacqueline Carey To start things off - I did not finish this book.

When I first picked up this book to read it, I wasn't aware it was part of a larger series. I should have really looked into the title more before I hit that 'Request' button on NetGalley. I have found with some books in a series you can pick up what's going on pretty quickly - others not so much. This book falls into the latter category.

Naamah's Blessing is the final book in a six part series but the third in the Naamah Trilogy. Many of the characters were well established and had a rich background. Unfortunately it was quite lost on me - having not read any part of this series previously.

Ms. Carey is a fantastic writer - I really enjoyed what I did read (even if I was a bit lost). I plan on re-visiting this book once I have read the other books in the series. I will hold off recommendations until I that point.