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Luck of the Devil (Speak of the Devil)

Luck of the Devil - Patricia Eimer
What does a goody two-shoes nurse, a failed con artist, a newly made succubus and a pain in the rump brother have in common? This was a fantastic hilarious read!! It had me giggling and out right laughing through the entire story. The witty snarky interaction between the characters was amazing!!

Faith is the youngest daughter of the Prince of Darkness - yes the devil! The sudden appearance of her sister - Hope (a failed occult leader - con artist), her brother in law - Boris (who has fallen up) and brother - Tolliver (general pain in the a$$) throw her life into a bit of chaos. What a dysfunctional hysterical family reunion...

Everything for Faith seems to be going wrong - problems at work, family (of course), and her next door neighbour - the hottie lawyer Matt. Little does she know Matt is keeping a whopper of a secret from her that could put both their lives and her whole family in danger! The interaction between Faith and Matt is just priceless - they are probably now one of my favorite couples! These two keep each other on their toes through out the whole story!

Oh how this story had me hooked - Patricia wrote a wonderfully funny paranormal romance and is bound to have anyone in stitches and wanting more! A definite keeper! Can't wait to see what Patricia comes up with next!! She's been added to my auto-buy list!