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By His Majesty's Grace

By His Majesty's Grace - Jennifer Blake Forced into a marriage by King Henry - Isabel isn't exactly thrilled with the man she's been bound to. Rand Braesford is sexy, strong and just as stubborn as Isabel. Rand doesn't believe in the curse that Isabel and her sisters have lived with their entire lives - any man betrothed to any of the sisters is doomed.

I really liked Isabel, she was a strong character who wanted nothing more then to be free. I wondered at some point if the curse was a sham to keep men away from Isabel and her two sisters, so that they could remain outside the control of husbands. After seeing her mother's brutal marriage I can understand her wanting to remain unmarried. Sadly, her hand is forced by the King.

Poor Rand is caught up in a plot to destroy him. Will the King believe him or those who wish to have him thrown in prison and executed? Rand was such a great character - he and Isabel have such great chemistry and they have to learn to trust one another.

When I first picked up the book, I wasn't sure which King Henry this story was based around. It wasn't the one I had hoped for, but I still really enjoyed the story. The setting isn't one of the ones I normally read but I will be picking up the other two books in this series as they become available!

For those who enjoy historical romances I would recommend checking this book out. Jennifer Blake did a fabulous job! I hope to find out more about the curse as the series progresses, it was a great start and has me curious as to whether the curse is real or made up by the sisters!