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Flawless (Christies)

Flawless - Carrie Lofty
What would you do with a fortune on the line? Would you team up with the husband you ran away from to win? Would you risk your heart being broken again to prove that you can do the job? That's exactly what our main character Vivienne had to do to earn her inheritance from her now deceased father Sir William.

This was an intriguing start to a new series. It would appear that each sibling will be give their own book - and we'll learn whether they earn their share of the money from their father. Vivienne is given the task of running a diamond brokerage in South Africa. Little does she know when she sets out on the journey that her husband Miles is waiting for her on the other side of the ocean.

These two characters have an interesting relationship. Vivienne runs away from Miles and goes to New York where her family is. He - stays in England and drinks himself into oblivion. Miles only shows up when there is money at stake and wants his share of the pie. At first I didn't like Miles! I found him selfish, annoying, pushy and walked all over Vivienne. While I know society didn't allow for independent women - I wish that Vivienne had had more backbone when we initially meet her. She does redeem herself.. thankfully.

While certain aspects of the story were predictable - the HEA is almost a given with romance novels. Ms Lofty has a way with words that had me hooked from the beginning. She is a fantastic writer and I can't wait to read more about Vivienne's siblings in her forthcoming books.