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How to Dance With a Duke

How to Dance with a Duke - Manda Collins Cecily's father believes that knowledge could be dangerous. That it could lead to a mental breakdown like her mother's. She is forbidden to accompany him on his travels for that reason, which makes this scholarly miss very annoyed. When he returns from a trip extremely ill and unable to speak or rise from his bed, she must take matters into her own hands to find out what happened on the trip.

While on an expedition with Lord Hurst, the Duke of Winterson's brother vanished. With Hurst's illness no one really knows what really happened on the trip, and imaginations are running wild with speculation. With the help of Cecily can they uncover the mystery?

I LOVED Cecily, she's witty, funny, intelligent and keeps Lucas on his toes. Initially the cover is what drew me to this book, but after reading the synopsis I had to have it. The first in a new series by debut author Manda Collins, we are swept up in a world of romance, mystery and an Egyptian expedition gone wrong.

With lives at stake, our two main characters will do almost anything to solve the mystery. Between breaking and entering, attempted theft and a couple of romantic interludes they not only fall in love but find not only what they are looking for but a whole lot more!

I honestly couldn't put this book down, I had to find out what happened to Lucas's brother and if Lucas and Cecily would finally be able to be together. I'm really looking forward to the second book in the series "How to Romance a Rake" coming later this summer!