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Too Wicked to Wed (Lords of Midnight)

Too Wicked to Wed - Cara Elliott Alexa is outspoken, independent and manages to get herself into a heap load of trouble. She takes on tasks that most women can't or won't even dream of doing, and does it with such flare. When the opportunity to visit London presents itself, she takes it. Connor has no idea what trouble is walking through his doorway when Alexa enters his establishment, whether he likes it or not.

These two characters are amazing, they start with a love/hate relationship and it builds into something so much more. Alexa isn't like most women Connor meets, and this intrigues him. She manages to gain part ownership in his business and at every opportunity seems to get under his skin even more. Little does he know she's been managing estates quite successfully and would be an asset.

I don't want to spoil the story, but it's filled with mystery, deception, love, romance and so much more this is probably one my favorite books of 2011! This was the first novel by this author that I've read and will definitely be picking up more. Those who have read previous books by Miss Elliott will definitely love this story and anyone historical romance lover will enjoy it.