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Heartstrings and Diamond Rings

Heartstrings and Diamond Rings - Jane Graves After a series of EXTREMELY bad dates and relationships Alison decides it's time for a change. She recruits the help of a matchmaker to find her perfect someone. When she goes to meet the woman she's hired, she's stocked to find out that she's actually a he.

Brandon has inherited his Grandmother's business and looking to make a few quick bucks he decides to try his hand at matchmaking. Couldn't be that hard right? Pick up a few files and introduce a few clients to one another for an easy paycheck.

Sadly for Brandon he's WAY off base and ends up getting himself into more "trouble" then he could possibly imagine. With the help of his best friend and partner in a real estate venture they being sorting through the files to find Alison her future husband. Oh, this is where the funny stuff starts! Bad date after bad date, Alison is starting to worry that Brandon won't be able to make a match.

The banter between these two is amazing, and the budding chemistry that they are both fighting is great. I loved the interaction between Alison and Brandon, how she helps him get his Grandmother's house ready for a house tour and recruits her father to pitch in. I loved the secondary characters, especially Alison's father.

A great easy to read contemporary romance, this was the perfect curl up book on a snowy afternoon. This is the second book by Jane Graves I've had the chance to read and I'll definitely been looking for more works by her. For anyone who loves a fun contemporary, this is one you should check out.