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North of Need (Hearts of the Anemoi, Book 1) (Heart of the Anemoi)

North of Need - Laura Kaye Megan lost her husband John and has felt lost and alone ever since. She blames herself for his death and can't seem to get past it. Her family and friends have all tried to help her overcome the loss but she just can't do it... yet. When the storm blew in, she had no idea her life was about to change.. and that Owen was going to help her live her life and learn to love again.

Owen, a sexy snow God came to life from Megan's tears on a snowman. He was sent to Megan as well you could say a gift.. and what a gift he was! It was cute how Owen tried to explain who and what he was to Megan. She was left feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole situation at first but she got over it!

I loved the chemistry between Owen and Megan - it sizzled!! Laura did a fabulous job with the love scenes between these two love birds and had me fanning myself a few times - they were hot hot hot!! They had some very cute moments as well and learned about one another through the story. I also really liked the secondary characters as well - Boreas especially. He made quite a few appearances through the story. I hope that he'll show up in the other books in this new series!

This was an incredible start to a new series and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the others as they become available! Anyone who enjoys a dash of magic, with a hot sexy male lead and a funny, fiesty leading lady will love this book!