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One Hot Cowboy Wedding (Spikes & Spurs)

One Hot Cowboy Wedding - Carolyn Brown When Ace’s grandfather passed away, he put in a small (but rather large) request in his will – that Ace get married and stay married for a year or the rand Double Deuce goes to his obnoxious cousin Cole who would rather sell it to the highest bidder then let Ace have it.

Ace confides in his best friend Jasmine all his woes over a hamburger as her diner “Chicken Fried” – she comes up with a solution to all his problems – that they get married! They could keep it a secret; only the lawyer and Cole need to know right? NOT!

Nothing seems to be going right, first their wedding is announced on national TV; as the chapel Ace picked was having a contest. The phone doesn’t stop ringing – family members, friends, ex-girlfriends…. Everyone is completely stunned! Can they keep up appearances for a year? Can they live in the same house and keep their hands off one another? Or will they burn the house or barn down with all the sexual energy they’ve got going on?

I loved both Ace and Jasmine from the previous books in this series, and I’m so glad they ended up together! Jasmine is Pearl’s best friend, who we meet in book #2 “Red’s Hot Cowboy”. I really liked that all the characters are back in this book – Austin, Rye, Pearl, Wil, Liz, Raylen, Gemma, Lucy and all the other family members!

Both Ace and Jasmine have some issues to work through before they get their Happily Ever After. Ace has to finally admit he’s ready to settle down and give up his sowing his wild oats. Jasmine has to step up and deal with her “mother” issues.. can they work it out and admit to one another that something is happening between them?

Will I recommend this to anyone? Yup, I already have been! Who doesn’t love a sexy cowboy story! Will I pick up more by this author? Of course!! I’ve been hooked on this series since I picked up “Love Drunk Cowboy” last summer and fell in love with the whole gang. I can’t wait for October to roll around and the newest to come out!