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Loving Lady Marcia (House of Brady)

Loving Lady Marcia - Kieran Kramer Okay, to start things off I have to say I’m a HUGE fan of Kieran’s books. I stumbled onto “When Harry Met Molly” (from her Bachelor’s series) while I was on holidays last spring. Being a huge fan of historicals I thought it would be the perfect book to kick off my week of relaxing on the couch! It was one of those books I devoured. Almost immediately I picked up the next book in the series and everyone by her after that!

When I saw this book on NetGalley, I hit that little request button and kept my fingers crossed that that email would come through saying ‘you’re approved’. Trust me I did a happy dance when it did! The moment I could download the book I started reading.. and was glued to my e-reader for hours taking in the story of Marcia and Duncan.

Acting as escorts for young Marcia, we meet brother Duncan and Finn Lattimore. The new Earl, Lord Chadwick – Duncan is a bit stodgy, while Finn tries to make Marcia more comfortable and keeps her entertained. As the trip progresses, Finn and Marcia start to fall for one another! Unfortunately for Marcia, things with Finn aren’t what they seem. He is sent off to America by his brother leaving her with only a note to explain; leaving her broken hearted and compromised!

Live is much different for Marcia years later, she’s no longer the fresh from the schoolroom miss looking for a husband. After the events with Finn, she becomes a teacher and then the headmistress at a well known girls school. Things for Marcia are wonderful, she loves teaching the girls, and having her independence. Unfortunately an unexpected event sends her back home to the Brady clan and into the arms of a very unexpected suitor – Duncan.

I loved the interaction between Marcia and Duncan. The banter was hilarious and kept a smile on my face throughout most of the book. Like most couples they have a great many obstacles to overcome and their own personal issues to deal with. I was so glad that they ended up together! At first I didn’t like Duncan, but he improved with age and ended up being one of my favourite characters! Marcia is a strong, witty, intelligent character and kept Duncan on his toes throughout the story.

Will I recommend this book? Most definitely! One of the things I love so much about Kieran’s writing is that she combines the romance and humour so well. You want to sigh, and giggle as you read her books. This has easily become one of my favourite’s so far this year. Will I read more by this author? YES! I can’t wait for the second book in the House of Brady series coming out next year - “The Earl is Mine” which features Gregory! – and of course another gorgeous cover!