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A Little Night Magic

A Little Night Magic - Lucy March Olivia's life has been thrown into complete chaos. What she thought was true, is far from it! Who she really is - has become the question of the day/week and she is determined to not let it ruin her plans. With her friends and neighbors stuck in the middle of war of powers, she has to not only protect herself, but them as well. Who can she trust? Can she master the dormant powers that are surfacing?

When we first meet Olivia, she's a waitress at a local waffle house. She's been in love with Tobias, and is getting sick of nothing ever coming of it. With all that in mind, Olivia decides to put her house on the market and buy a one way ticket to Europe, hoping to escape. When Davina walks into the restaurant that all changes, she has to re-evaluate and make some difficult choices.

This started out with the potential to be a cute, fun paranormal romance. With a few interesting twists and turns, it still has a touch of romance, but not quite what I expected. The story was fun, a light read.. but wasn't a full on romance or a urban fantasy. It fell between them both. I enjoyed the story and will look for this author again to see her other works.

For someone who is looking for a fun, quick read - that enjoys a touch of romance, a dash of paranormal this is a good fit for you.