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The Mers

Mers - Ami Blackwelder, Jennifer Bradford, Connie Webb, Ashley Egan Mira has never really fit in with her family and the Mers. She can't swim and doesn't have gills like all other members of the Mer society. She's always wondered why she's so different - not that it mattered to her parents or her friends. The nagging voice in the back of her mind propels her to find the truth of who she really is how she came to live with the Mers.

With her best friend Niren, she decides to leave the Liberty Shore and see what is on the other side of the borders. Both Mira and Niren find more then they bargained for! And find themselves on a potentially deadly adventure to save their lives and the whole Mer society.

This was a very unique read. I haven't read a Mermaid/Mer based novel before and I really enjoyed the concept! Mira was a fun character, she loves her family but wants to know more about who and what she really is. The old saying "You might not always like what you find" comes to mind with Mira, who definitely finds more then she wishes to know.

I love Mira's relationship with Niren, and how they grow together and how everything develops. I also really liked how she meets Ethan and how that comes about. I don't want to spoil anything, because it's great how everything comes together and we learn who is who.

For those who love Mermaid/Mer based novels, this is one you will definitely enjoy.