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I've Got Your Number: A Novel

I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella Poppy's life is just completely fallen apart. She's lost her engagement ring and has no clue where to even start looking. She's torn apart her apartment, the hotel room she was in, the restaurant, the bathrooms - everywhere she could possibly think of. It's gone - and her fiance's family is about to show up!

To top it all off, she's been robbed. Someone nicked her cell phone right out of her hands and took off. Now what is she going to do? Everyone has that number! Including those hunting for her emerald engagement ring. Luck seems to be with her and she stumbles on a cell phone in the trash - yup in the trash! She looks around, and no one rushes over to claim the phone so - finder's keepers!

I loved this book, I thought Poppy was hilarious. Unfortunately she's also being walked all over by her wedding planner, made to feel inadequate by her future in-laws and managed to get herself roped into helping Sam (the owner of the phone) into being her sudo PA.

I've always been a fan of Sophie's books, this is probably my favorite of all her works! The characters were fun, engaging and well written. The story was hilarious - following the emails and texts between Sam and Poppy - and how their relationship builds through out the story.

Poppy has a lot of things on her plate and a big decision to make. Make sure you pick this one up to see what happens between Polly, her fiance Magnus and Sam!