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Enchanted Again (Luna Books)

Enchanted Again (Mystic Circle Series #2) - Robin D. Owens When two strangers stop by Amber's home, she is instantly taken aback by the curses attached to the two men. A skilled genealogist, she digs into the past to find where the curse originates and helps to break it without using her magic - which ages her.

Rafe and Gabe are both in trouble. Gabe has just lost his family to a long standing curse, and he's bound and bent to break it and regain his son and his wife. Rafe's curse is deadly - and it's slowly closing in around him. His deadline is his birthday only a short time away. With the help of Amber, these two hope she can break their curses.

I LOVED this book, it not only was about a genealogist (*squee* - I'm a huge family history buff) it's a paranormal! Such an awesome combination that had me GLUED to the book for hours and couldn't put it down. I adored Amber - she was spunky, funny, talented and kept Rafe on his toes. And of course the adorable puppies!

I am definitely going to pick up the first book in this series - Jenni Weaver's story (Amber's next door neighbour) and find out more about some of the characters from this book. I also can't wait to see what Robin comes up with next - and hopefully we get to find out what happens to Gabe!