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Busted in Bollywood

Busted in Bollywood - Nicola Marsh Shari has travelled from her home in New York to her home country of India. BUT she is not travelling as herself, but as her best friend Amrita! The two have decided that Shari would go in her place to check out the man Rita’s family has chosen for her to marry and ditch him.

Little does Shari know, things aren’t going to go as smoothly as she hopes! Able to fool Rita’s future in laws, she’s thrown for a loop when her ‘fiance’ up and outs her! With that in mind, she and Rakesh come to an agreement and he is willing to play along but has some demands of his own!

Oh, how I loved this book! Mojito loving Shari and Rita are the best of friends – and Shari is quite the friend to take the brunt of Rakesh’s family wrath if things go south. I loved the interaction between the characters, the funny moments, the food, and the bollywood movie references. You are drawn into a world that is vibrant and you don’t want to leave!

The one thing standing in Shari’s way is Drew – can he spoil things with Rakesh and out her to his family as a fake fiance? Can he keep the secret long enough for her to go back to New York and get Rita to meet Rakesh?

Would I recommend this book? YES!! This book was funny and I couldn’t put it down. I had to know what happened with Shari, Rita, Rakesh and Drew. Would Rita and Rakesh end up together? Would Drew and Shari get their chance at happiness? Will I read more by this author? Hell yes! I can’t wait to see what Nicola comes out with next.