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Unclaimed (Hqn)

Unclaimed - Courtney Milan Mark is the most well known man in England for being a virgin. He wrote the book on how to be virtuous. Now there are those who would love to tarnish his name and bring him down a peg or two. Those who know Mark adore him, those who don't worship him... and then there are those who want to make his life miserable.

Jessica is a fallen woman, who has taken on the guise of a widow to entice Mark. Unknown to Mark there is one out there who is paying women to destroy him and Miss Farleigh is one of them. With so much at stake Jessica is willing to do almost anything to finish the job.

These two are such great characters! We meet Mark briefly in the first book in the Turner series, while he was living with his older brother - who also makes an appearance in this story! There is so much chemistry between Mark and Jessica, despite everything that is going on.

Everything I've picked up by this author I've been thrilled with, and this is no exception to that. Her novels are filled with such amazing characters, romance and some amazing love scenes. The two main characters have some major obstacles to overcome before they can be together. They have to work for their H. E. A. and it's what makes the story.

Courtney Milan is on my auto-buy list and this just reinforces why. Anyone who loves historical romance will adore this story and anything by this author.