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Seduced by Her Highland Warrior (MacKinloch Clan, Book 2)

Seduced by Her Highland Warrior - Michelle Willingham First off, hello handsome! What a FABULOUS cover - kilt, half naked and a sword... enough said! Just had to mention that.

War has destroyed the home and village of Laren, her children and husband Alex. With all the destruction and loss of life - Alex is the new clan chief. Which places Laren in the public eye, something she despises. A quiet, meek and gentle soul - she'd much rather be tending her children or working on her beautiful stain glass. Sadly, she's kept her passion for glass a secret and it has caused some strife between her and Alex, as well as the rest of the clan.

I felt for Laren, after the loss of her son - she found solace in making glass and creating beautiful pictures. But she kept it to herself, just disappearing from home, leaving everyone to wonder where she'd gone. This starts some rumors and the other women of the clan don't understand and shun her. She doesn't understand that looks bad on Alex as well.

As a couple, Alex and Laren have some pretty major issues to work out - they have lost touch with one another and have kept each other at arms length for too long. Now with everything that's happening they have to learn to trust one another again and bridge those gaps that have built up between them.

I quite enjoyed this story - not only because it's set in the Highlands but because it was so wonderfully written and so filled with descriptions of the life these people led. I loved how Laren's confidence builds throughout the story and that strength saves the clan and her relationship.

I will definitely be looking for more by this author.