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Mark of the Sylph (Demons of Infernum, #2)

Mark of the Sylph  - Rosalie Lario Getting his a$$ wooped by a human wasn't exactly what Taeg was expecting when he finally got gorgeous Maya alone. Nor did he expect her to be a demon slayer. Intrigued from the moment he saw her at the library he can't get the stubborn sexy librarian out of his head. So, he kidnaps her! Not unlike Brynn and Keegan's start!

With vengeance on her mind, Maya has a hard time believing that demon's aren't all evil. Will Taeg be able to prove to her that he's more or less good and not one of the bad guys? Will she help him find the sword that could finally get rid of that infernal book?

I think Maya is one of my favorite female characters. She's spunky, funny, witty, strong, stubborn with some killer curves and moves. She keeps Taeg on his toes, and the banter between these two is great. Not unlike the first book in the series these two have some major issues to work through to get their happy ending.

With the lives of their family and friends at stake can they work together and through their issues in time to beat the bad guy and save the day?? A great second book to the Demons of Infernum series!