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For Kicks

For Kicks - Jenna Bayley-Burke Breeze is focused, so focused she puts her love life and dating on permanent hold. She wants nothing more then to work her way to the top and be the youngest manager for Mendelssohn's department stores. When a big launch is in jeopardy she is willing to do almost anything to make it a success.

When Breeze literally tumbled into Logan's arms and life they had no idea what would happen. With chemistry neither of them could deny - although Breeze sure tried - will they be able to balance work and pleasure or will it be a deal breaker?

This was an interesting read. I had to push my way through the first little bit to get into the story, but I was glad that I did. I really enjoyed the chemistry between the characters, how opposites Logan and Breeze learn to overcome the obstacles. I enjoyed Logan's pursuit of Breeze, how he tells her not to fight fate.

FOR KICKS was a cute quick read. Jenna is a new author for me and one I'll definitely look for in the future. This is one that most contemporary readers will enjoy.