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Too Tempting to Resist (Lords of Midnight)

Too Tempting to Resist - Cara Elliott Lady Eliza is in financial trouble. Her brother has no concept of how an estate is run and what the money is needed for. His only concern is the cut of his coat and what delicacies are on the table when he and his friends descend on his estate.

When Eliza ventures to town, she decides to take matters into her own hands and tracks down her brother at one of the town’s most notorious gaming hells. Not only does she find her brother, but she meets a rogue – Gryffin, Marquess of Hadden.

From the moment these two meet, sparks fly. Gryffin is drawn to Eliza, and he can’t escape his feelings. He feels the need to protect her and finds himself meddling in her affairs – much to Eliza’s irritation I might add. When Gryffin shows up at the estate as a guest to her brother she fears he’s just like the rest of them!

I loved the connection that Gryffin and Eliza had throughout this story. We are briefly introduced to Gryffin in the first “Lords of Midnight” book – “Too Wicked To Wed”, he is a fellow Hellhound to Connor and Cameron (who I hope will have his own book soon!). I was so glad to see that Gryffin met his match in Eliza. She reforms this notorious rake with wit, and intelligence – one of my favourite ways to entrap their hearts!

This is one of those books that I don’t want to give away too much of the plot. It’s filled with romance, intrigue, the arts and a touch of mystery. It had me glued from the first sentence right up until the last page. An excellent addition to any regency readers collection!

Will I recommend this book? Most definitely! I was thrilled with the second book in this series and eagerly await the next one! Will I read more by this author? Oh yes, I love Cara’s writing style and how she weaves in so many elements to the story that keeps me hooked.