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Sonoma Rose (Elm Creek Quilts)

Sonoma Rose - Jennifer Chiaverini I was thrilled when I received a copy of this book I did a happy dance. Jennifer's novels are easily the best series I've had the pleasure of reading. They are so filled with amazing women, great historical details and the type of story that you just can't put down.

For Rosa, life isn't pleasant. She is tied to an abusive husband, and only stays because she feels she has no where else to turn. When events suddenly change and she has to run to protect herself and her children. With the help of long time friend and first love Lars.

We initially meet Rosa, John and the children in another of the Elm Creek Quilt novels - "The Quilter's Homecoming" the story of Elizabeth and Henry Nelson (relatives of Sylvia a main character of the series) who venture to California to see their fortune. We also meet Lars and his family, who help Nelson's get on their feet.

I love how Jennifer weaves the characters from past books into Sonoma Rose, and how we get to see what happens to Rosa and the children - who are mentioned in "The Quilter's Homecoming" but we never really hear what happened.

So much happens to Rosa, Lars and the children in this story. They take on new identities to protect themselves and hope that their pasts don't catch up with them. They also take the chance that someone out there will have a cure for the disease that is killing Rosa's two children and took four from her already.

For those who are fans of Jennifer's books this is a great addition to the series. Anyone who loves a combination of contemporary women's fiction, historical fiction and quilting will adore this series!