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Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Kiss Me, I'm Irish - Bella Street Emily stumbled into a stone ring in 1813 Cornwall England only to wake up on the sidewalk in 2011 of modern day Tennessee. She not only jumps almost 200 years into the future but across an ocean, and with no way home (not that she wants to return!).

Life wasn't the easiest for Emily in her own time, with the loss of her parents she is sent to live with her Great Aunt - who is bound and determined to turn her into a respectable lady, even if it isn't what Emily wants. When the carriage taking her to her new home jolts to a stop with a broken wheel she takes matters into her own hands and runs.

She wakes up dazed and confused at the entrance to a pub - where she meets Tinker and Liam, traveling musician. With no where else to go, they take pity on Emily and bring her along with them to their hotel room. This is where all the fun stuff starts to happen! Emily has NO idea where or when she is, with the help of Tinker she manages to get cleaned up and back on her feet.

Emily wondered what the strange shiny white lidded piece of furniture in the middle of the room was. "Are.. your clothes in that?" ~ page 19.

The whole scene in the bathroom with Tinker and Emily had me giggling; while I did feel sorry for Emily, as Tinker was a bit harsh on her - it was pretty funny. Once Emily realized it wasn't going to hurt or maim her she gave and checked out all the modern conveniences we all take for granted!

One of things I really enjoyed about this book was the budding relationship between Emily and Liam - although it was a bit slow building. Liam had a really hard time believing Emily, but then again who wouldn't? How often do you meet a time traveller?

This book lounged on my TBR list for a bit, waiting for the perfect opportunity to be picked up. When Bella and I chatted about a guest post for St. Patrick's Day - I knew this would be the best time to showcase this book! This was an extremely well done story. For those who love a time travel based novel, with fairy's, some mischief, a crazy Great Aunt - and a clean romance; this is the book for you.