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The Saint Who Stole My Heart: A Regency Rogues Novel

The Saint Who Stole My Heart - Stefanie Sloane We begin our adventure with Dash, Langdon and Nicholas teasing Sophia as young children. They are swept up in a game of who can sneak into the house the fastest without alerting the butler to their presence. Everything changes when they find Sophia’s mother dead at the bottom of the stairs. As adults this group is still close knit, but all having their own adventures and lives. Sophia asks Dash and Nicholas to find out what really happened to her mother and bring whoever did it to justice.

Bookish Elena rarely ventures too far from her father. But when the opportunity comes up to sort through a newly acquired book collection she in good conscience couldn’t say no – and trusts to very few to do the job as well as she knows she can. The moment she meets gorgeous Dash, Viscount Carrington, she realizes she might have made a very large mistake. Could she live in the same home (even temporarily) with this man?

I LOVED this book, not only does it feature one of my favorite type of heroines – the bookish bluestocking and a sexy hero who doesn’t know what he needs in his life until he falls in his lap. While Elena relishes knowledge and isn’t afraid to show just how smart she is, Dash hides his. He keeps his love of books and puzzles to himself, and everyone else at arms length. It takes Dash a while to realize that Elena is not only perfect for him, but that she can see right through the facade he’s so carefully put up over the years.

Would I recommend this book? Hell yes! This is probably one of my favorites of this series so far. I just adore the characters. Will I read more by this author? Darn right, I already have her next book “The Scoundrel Takes A Bride” on my wishlist and can’t wait to get my hands on it later this fall!