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The Sum of All Kisses

The Sum of All Kisses - Julia Quinn Life since Daniel and Hugh’s duel hasn’t quite been what Sarah’s hoped. Her coming out was delayed, which normally wouldn’t be such a HUGE deal. But it just so happens that season was a record for engagements and she wonders what might have been had she’d been out.

Now, Hugh and Daniel has made amends. Which is wonderful, but Sarah still holds Hugh responsible for her still being unmarried. The whole family has gathered to celebrate Daniel’s wedding – which includes Hugh. If the past is any sort of indication, Sarah is going to get a few words in with Hugh about how much she hates him.

As the story progresses, Sarah’s feeling for Hugh change. And her knowledge of what actually happened the night of the duel and the aftermath expands to include the deal Hugh made with his father. One kiss from Hugh and Sarah is lost – can she get past the event that nearly destroyed her family?

First off, I’m a huge fan of Julia Quinn. When she expanded the Bridgerton world by sharing the stories of the Smythe-Smith family I was thrilled. We’ve all read about their infamous musicals, and how badly everyone felt for the poor girls who had to perform. Now we get to see some happily ever after’s for them!

Sarah is an interesting character. She’s stubborn, opinionated and isn’t afraid to stand up for her family and defend against anyone or anything that could hurt them. At some point, it was a bit much – but overall I found her a great character. Hugh is troubled, stubborn, extremely smart and drives Sarah crazy. He’s one of Daniel’s closest friends, even with everything that’s happened in the past.

These two have a love/hate relationship. They are attracted to one another, but fight each other at every turn. When they are thrown together at a wedding, they are at each other’s throats. As she gets to know Hugh and the man he really is, not just the man who’s father was determined to kill Daniel – things change.

Overall, it wasn’t the best book I’ve read by Julia but it was a good read. I look forward to seeing what happens in the fourth and final book in the Smythe-Smith quartet. For anyone who hasn’t read this series yet, it is a fun one and I would highly recommend it!