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Surprising Lord Jack (The Duchess of Love)

Surprising Lord Jack - Sally MacKenzie Frances has had enough of her family and their lies. She’s had enough of men breaking promises and leaving her behind. She’s just plain had enough. After cutting off her long red hair, she’s dressed as a man and is going to get her inheritance one way or another.

Being the son of the Duchess of Love has it’s upside and it’s downsides. One of the downsides is the constant matching making and meddling. Jack has decided to leave his mother’s annual ball and head back to London. When he arrives at the inn where they have a standing reservation he finds his room has been given away.

On route to London, Frances finds herself sharing a room with a well known rouge Jack Valentine. She does everything she can to keep her identity hidden, but sadly it doesn’t work. She’s convince him to take her to London and let her find her brother; and the inheritance she’s desperate for.

I felt for Frances – she had a lot of things go wrong in her life and is determined to get out from under the thumb of her Aunt. Jack tries to be a gentleman and offer his help, but Frances is determined to do this on her own and has no idea the trouble could get into.

Would I recommend this book? It was a good read. It wasn’t one of my top favorite historicals, but it was a cute quick read. I liked Frances and her independence. Would I read more by this author? Yes, I enjoyed Sally’s writing style and I’ve already picked up another title by this author to check out.