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A Scandalous Affair

A Scandalous Affair - Karen  Erickson Daphne isn’t afraid to go after something she wants and right now that’s Hartwell. The elusive Marquess of Hartwell isn’t one for society. He keeps to himself and has earned the nickname “Black Hart” for his behaviour.

Because this was short story, writing a review seems hard! I don’t want to tell you everything that happens, and how they work things out. Or what they do.. I really enjoyed Karen’s style of writing. This is the second novella of hers that I’ve reviewed. She has a way of wrapping up the story so quickly, that you don’t even realize what’s happening. I would have like to have seen more in between parts of the story.

Will I recommend this? Yes, although this was one of those short, quick reads that kind of left me with the “that’s it??” feeling as I got to the end. I felt like I was missing a whole pile of story – I wanted more! Will I read more by this author? Yes, I really enjoy Karen’s stories and I have a few of them on my e-reader waiting to be read.