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Rogue's Pawn (Covenant of Thorns)

Rogue's Pawn - Jeffe Kennedy Do you ever get bored, frustrated and just plain irritated with your life? Things seem stale and you feel like you need to take a breather, a walk.. anything to clear your head? This is how Jennifer has been feeling. She walks away from her fiance, gets in her car and drives.. and drives..

Something is pulling her, she can’t tell what.. but she feels like something is calling her. She ends up at Devil’s Tower and her whole life changes. She is torn from her world into a place where she’s completely out of her element and the mercy of a man so powerful it terrifies her.

This was an extremely unique story, one that kept me on my toes and glued to the pages right from the very beginning. We are swept up in the tale of magic, mystery, excitement and seductive story.. one that will have any reader enthralled.

I’ve written and re-written paragraphs of this review, but every sentence I fear is going to give away an important part of the story! How do I share how much I love the characters and the plot without potentially giving something away!? Let me tell you one thing, if you love paranormal, fae, and a rich story filled with adventure you will love this story – okay so that was more then one thing!

Will I recommend this book? Most definitely! A unique read that I absolutely adored. With a touch of darkness and so much more this story blew me away. Will I read more by this author? Ah, yes! I can’t wait to see what else Jeffe comes up with!