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The Carny

The Carny - Brooke Moss I was thrilled when I was contacted to take part in a promotional tour for Brooke’s newest release “The Carny”. I was lucky enough to read her novel “The What If Guy” last year and fell in love with her writing style. This was one of those books that I couldn’t say no to.

At age 18, Charlotte and two friends are enjoying the carnival. A chance encounter brings her face to face with handsome carny Vin and one unforgettable kiss that she can’t get out of her head. Even after 10 years, she can’t get the handsome carny off her mind.

The passing years hasn’t been easy for either Charlotte or Vin. Life has taken them both down very different paths with lots of bumps along the way. When yet another chance encounter being them back together can they rekindle that spark from 10 years ago?

I really liked Charlotte, she had a lot of issues to work through. Her family is controlling and knows what is best for her – at least they think so. Deep down Charlotte knows she needs to get out from under her father’s thumb and away from her parents home. I kept cheering for her to take that step, break out of her shell and stand up for herself and what she believes in.

This was one of those books that I devoured in one sitting, staying up well past my normal bedtime because I had to know what happened with Charlotte and Vin – whether the two of them would be together, would her father get what was coming to him, would she finally stand up to her mother and sisters?

Would I recommend this book? Most definitely! It’s an amazing story of a woman who take that step out into the world and follow her dreams. Will I read more by this author? Of course! I can’t wait to see what Brooke comes up with next!